Sep 14 2017

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Meeting with M.P Kate Young regarding the Illegal Kurdish Referendum in Iraq and Kirkuk

اجتماع مع اعضاء النواب البرلمان الكندي مستمرة وتحت شعار حماية وحدة العراق وحماية مدينة كركوك التركمانية العراقية وتجنب استخدام الاسلحة الكندية والامريكية ضد المكونين التركماني والعربي وضد الحكومة العراقية في حرب الانفصال وتقسيم العراق وتجنيب العراق حرب اهلية مدمرة للمنطقة ستكون عواقبها وخيمة للجميع وللغرب ايضا.
Another meeting with MP Kate Young, illustrated all unconstitutional and illegal actions of Kurdish governor of Kirkuk and Kurdish regional authority in addition to the dangerous situation of Iraqi Turkmen people in Iraq, asking Canadian government to stop their military support as we afraid the Canadian weapon will be used against innocent Turkmen and Arab people in Kirkuk and Tuz Khurmato.
Also we emphasized on the anxious and unstable situation of our Iraqi and Turkmen community in Canada on what is going on in back home.
Please protect the Unity of Iraq and stop upcoming massacre in Kirkuk.
Canadian Iraqi Turkmen Association

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